This is the official website of multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, entertainer, Tony Cutrone.  If you don’t know Tony, scroll to the About page to learn who he is


Tony Cutrone is a professional multi-musician, singer, songwriter, and entertainer.  You may have seen him perform as Angus Young as part of the AC/DC Show Canada, or as keyboardist with Driven: Tribute to The Cars or with Jukebox Heroes: International Tribute to Foreigner, or as bassist with Ultimate Styx.

Tony is a Royal Conservatory-trained organist and pianist.  He also holds a degree in Fine Arts at York University in Toronto with Bass Guitar as his major instrument.  Having written or co-written a large catalog of rock and pop songs, some of which received major radio airplay in North America, Europe and Japan, Tony is also is an accomplished composer.

His most recent accomplishment is the release of a 10-song album called, Fight Or Flight, as part of a duo with his wife Dawn, simply called CUTRONE.  It is a collection of songs written by Tony that features both him and his wife either trading lead vocals or as duets.  Fight Or Flight can be found on Spotify and Apple Music and can be purchased through BandCamp or directly with the band through www.CutroneMusic.com


If you are interested in working with Tony Cutrone, please contact him through any of the social media links listed below.  If you are interested in his music as part of duo, CUTRONE, please visit www.CutroneMusic.com.  CUTRONE music can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.  CUTRONE also has several music videos streaming on YouTube